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Parental & Community Involvement | Educational Excellence | Cost-Conscious Spending
"I believe our primary goal should be to create a safe and effective environment that inspires a passion for lifelong learning, while also providing students with a solid framework for critical, analytical, and emotional problem solving".
Parental & Community Involvement

Encourage more parental involvement in district decision making while also finding ways to collaborate and partner with the community.

  • Greater accessibility to District information through digital channels

  • More opportunities for parental input and review of curriculum & standards

  • Sharing local resources where appropriate while promoting community unity

We should find ways to enable more public involvement. Better use of social media and email would be helpful to involve parents and the community. I would encourage Board members to act as liaisons between the District and both Hellertown and Lower Saucon to collaborate.

Educational Excellence

The primary responsibility of the school is to maintain and deliver an age-appropriate curriculum that is preparing students for what they choose to do after graduation.

  • Exceed PA educational standards and increase 'advanced' and 'proficient' rates

  • Regularly review curriculum to find areas for advancement and improvement

  • Continue developing innovative new programs for students

We should continue to push students with more challenging curriculum while also focusing on exceeding PDE requirements. Including meaningful extracurricular activities through sports & arts will help round out student experience and help build a passion for life-long learning.  

Cost-Conscious Spending

Maintain the balance between an exceptional educational experience and affordable property taxes, while finding additional ways to continue needed investments.

  • Saucon Valley ranks 23rd (out of 500 PA schools) in the amount residents pay in taxes

  • The District spends more than $50 million annually

  • Per-student educational costs are close to $20,000 per year

*Data from

To maintain the balance between educational excellence and affordable taxes, I suggest cost-saving measures and consolidation efforts should be made now. The ever-increasing costs for education are apparent locally and action should be taken now so that we can continue to invest in our District.

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