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Life-Long Resident | Parent | SV Graduate
"My goal is simple - to apply professional and educational experiences and serve my alma mater - to encourage more parental and community involvement, maintain educational costs without sacrificing quality, and prioritizing consistent overperformance of educational standards."

My name is Barrett Geyer and I am running for Director of Saucon Valley School District in 2023. My wife, Nancy (Harte) and I live in Lower Saucon Township with our two daughters. Nancy and I both grew up in this community and met while attending Saucon.


I'm passionate about ensuring the continued quality education that Saucon is known for and that I personally experienced. Parents are a vital part of the public school system and I hope to bring more of that perspective to decision-making.

  • SV Graduate, B.A. Business Management/Economics (Moravian College)

  • Marketing Manager

  • 15+ years negotiation, budgetary, and management experience

  • Member, Lower Saucon Township Parks & Rec Committee

  • Member, Christ Lutheran Church (Hellertown)

  • Member, Friends of the Hellertown Area Library

One of my main motivations for running is to ensure that all students get the same quality (and memorable) school experience that I received from Saucon.


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The SVHS Marching Band in 2000. ('Copacabana', Barry Manilow). Barrett was heavily involved in the music and arts programs at Saucon, serving as Band President his senior year. 

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